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Junita Rose

Managing Director, Protean Business Solutions

Junita Rose is Owner and Managing Director of Protean Business Solutions. Through her expertise in Strategic Planning, Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), she has been a catalyst for change in organisations globally and across multiple sectors and industries. Junita is passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to think differently about the way they do business, manage risk and how they respond to their changing environment. Over the past 10 years, Junita has empowered boards, executives and employees at varying levels, to manage risk and build organisational resilience, through the successful implementation of effective and innovative Enterprise Risk Management and Business Continuity Management Programmes.

As a change agent, Junita uses her consulting insight, expertise and innovative approach to add value and drive positive change. She believes that organisational culture, buy-in at all levels and corporate responsibility, are some of the most important aspects to ensure sustainable business practices and continued growth.

As an Allan Gray Orbis Foundation mentor for the past two years, Junita is driven by her passion for education, mentoring, skills development and skills transfer. Creating awareness and empowering individuals is the corner stone of each engagement, which ensures continued growth for individuals, as well as sustainability of implemented programmes.

Junita holds a Bcom Economics, Law degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Risk Management. She is qualified and certified in both Risk Management and Business Continuity Management. She holds a CRM Prac (Certified Risk Management Practitioner) through The Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) and is a Member of the Business Continuity Institute London (MBCI).

Junita is an associate member of the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA). She was awarded the Up and Coming Risk Manager of the year for 2016 and was shortlisted for the Risk Specialist of the Year in 2017 and Risk Manager of the Year in 2019. Junita was also shortlisted for the Business Continuity Institute’s Resilience and Continuity Consultant for Africa in 2017 and 2019.

As a dynamic speaker and facilitator, Junita has had the opportunity to share her insights on multiple platforms, including the TEDxPretoria stage in 2016, where she discussed her proprietary concept of having a Social License to Operate and is the lead technical advisor for Rapid Global Australia, on Risk Management system software development.