EP 046 | Pioneering Risk Management

As one of the pioneers of modern risk management, we discuss the development of the cell captive concept, the writing of the iconic risk management handbook and the founding of...

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EP 043 | hacking uncertainty

What if we used uncertainty as an input to how we operate as a business? We discuss how to integrate uncertainty into business processes, the skills required for the future...

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What is Presilience episode image

EP 040 | What is presilience

Presilience is the attribute and process of successfully preventing where possible, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from adverse, major business interruption events and crises whilst at the same time...

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The Value Of Risk Maturity

EP 036 | The Value of Risk Maturity

How do you implement risk management and develop competencies? We look at the innovative Attribute Based Maturity Index developed by ABMI Research Institute and how understanding...

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Ann African optomist

EP 030 | An African Optimist

With every risk comes opportunity - Africa differs from the rest of the world in so many ways, especially when it comes to assessing risk. We look at the intricacies...

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Operational Risilience Episode

EP 025 | The Rise of Operational Resilience

‘92% of risk managers predict a greater focus on operational resilience.’ Operational resilience is the process that helps organisations adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment – Now more than...

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Big data episode

EP 019 | Big Data

Data has overtaken oil as the world’s most valuable resource, but what is big data? We unpack how data can be converted into information that can...

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