EP 054| The Future of Risk Management Using AI

We speak with Fred Lutz from VoxCroft where we discuss real time risk monitoring and analytics, artificial intelligence and the importance of insights to mitigate risk. We also unpack opensource intelligence, what it is and how it will contribute to the future management of risk. We also look at what social media monitoring can tell us, data security and cyber breaches, sentiment tracking, the role of humans in this digital age and how organisations should be leveraging technology. You won’t want to miss this jam packed episode.

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meet our guest

Fred Lutz

Growth Product Manager, VoxCroft

Fred is the Growth Product Manager at VoxCroft Analytics, where he drives the strategy to make the advanced VoxCroft solutions accessible to customers in the private industry throughout Africa. Fred completed his Master’s degree in Economics at the MIH Media Lab at Stellenbosch University, where he developed methods for using publically accessible data to measure everything from consumer confidence to the impact of film piracy in real-time. Prior to VoxCroft, he co-founded and acted as COO of Custos Media Technologies since 2014, which develops proprietary blockchain technology to derisk content creators.

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