EP 053 | Is Technology Really the Answer?

Episode 53

‘We need to be more sophisticated with our systems and management of data’

We speak with Tim Johnson from Rapid Global about the evolution of Risk technology and how technical advancements offer Risk Managers and Executives better quality information to improve decision making and improve Risk Management programmes. We discuss the increased dependency on third parties and supply chain, the role of company culture in the change management process, the rate of adoption to new technology and the risks organisations face by not embracing technology.

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meet our guest

Tim Johnson

Owner and Director, Rapid Global

Tim started his career as an Industrial Chemist, forging a career in capital intensive manufacturing industries. Prior to this role he spent time establishing a $500 million Greenfield manufacturing facility and growing the business to a 50% market share.

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Rapid Global is an award-winning software engineering company specialising in risk and workforce management.

Rapid provides e-learning, online inductions, contractor management software, site control access systems, incident reporting and risk management, preventative maintenance software, auditing software and visitor access systems. 

Rapid Global takes pride in partnering with clients to produce software that helps them get on with the job.

All systems have a focus on risk and workforce management to improve work health and safety compliance and the product range is used by over 50,000 companies worldwide.


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