EP 052 | Embedding BCM & Raising Awareness

We speak with Rina Singh where she talks about the challenges of embedding and raising awareness of Business Continuity.  Rina shares her top tips on how to successfully embed Business Continuity Awareness into any organisation including critical considerations when designing BCM awareness and how to align your awareness strategy with organisational maturity and culture. Rina also shares success stories, unpacks quick wins that will garner buy-in and shares how to start raising awareness of BCM within your organisation.

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meet our guest


Founder, RESILIENCEPOD Podcast

With a wealth of international experiences across the resilience disciplines in an array of sectors, Rina is a resilience practitioner by day and in addition to working full time is also the Vice Chair of the BCI Women in Resilience Initiative and the founder and host of the RESILIENCE POD podcast, video and blogs dedicated to ‘Helping you become resilient in a world full of disruptions. Rina is also the Winner of the BCI European Continuity and Resilience Contributor 2021.

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