EP 051 | New Ways to Risk

‘Make it your business to understand business’ – The risk role of the future is evolving to an advisory function, therefore how do we cultivate risk managers of the future, break down silos and navigate across ecosystems? In this episode we look at the importance of collaboration in risk teams, the value of scenario testing and what the CRO of the future looks like. We unpack the value of leveraging strategic engagement and technology and the skills and mindset required to navigate these uncertain and changing times.

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meet our guest

Jason Smith

Principal Risk Consultant and Founder, Risicare Consulting & Director, RMIA

Jason is the Principal Consultant for Risicare and is also a Director of the Risk Management Institute of Australasia.  Jason recently became the Governance, Risk and Compliance practice leader at Internal Consulting Group.  He is a highly experienced Chief Risk Officer with over 15 years of senior executive experience in leading, transforming and optimising governance, risk and compliance functions in banking and insurance. Jason’s experience includes over 10 years of working in Asia, whilst navigating complex regulatory and business operational environments. Where Jason has been seen to uniquely added value is focusing risk and compliance functions to deliver exceptional customer outcomes and enhance Management’s brand with the board, investors and regulators. Jason has built a track record of transforming and optimising risk strategies, processes and cultures to deliver material performance improvements. You can click here to find out more about Jason’s background on LinkedIn.

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