EP 050 | Let’s Talk ICT

‘It’s never too big to fail’ – The Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) landscape is developing at a rapid pace and leadership need to understand their responsibility in knowing what questions to ask. We speak with Jaco Voigt from TeleMasters Holdings to unpack the importance of ICT in business and how it should be seen as a strategic enabler. We look at the risk’s organisations are exposed to, the importance of an independent view as well as the bigger ecosystem ICT operates in. Future proofing your business and leveraging off opportunities available as a result of ICT is more important than ever before

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meet our guest

Jaco Voigt

Chief Executive Officer, TeleMasters Holdings Limited

Jaco obtained a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree in 1996 from the University of the Orange Free State. He started his career in the communications industry at DataPro in 1998 and held various management positions in the organization – the last one being founder and MD of VoxTelecom. VoxTelecom was a pioneer in Next Generation IP Voice service provision in South Africa. Jaco left VoxTelecom in 2007 to start PerfectWorx Consulting, a specialist consulting business providing professional services to operators entering the Next Generation Network realm.Read More

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