EP 049 | Navigating the Storm

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How prepared are we at the moment to navigate the storm? Joyce Nkini-Iwisi shares Control Risk’s unique approach to identify some of the top global risks, such as leaders without strategy, economic and political paralysis, cyber security and USA and China relations. We look at the major vulnerabilities organisations are currently facing and how the impact of the pandemic will continue to be felt, from the new way of work causing a lack of oversight which fosters corruption to an increase in crime and social unrest.  If us as risk managers are to play a role in navigating these uncertain times by supporting leaders, we need to equip them by ensuring that the systems we have in place are robust and tested and that we are aware of what is happening globally in order to prepare for the future.

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meet our guest

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Joyce Nkini-Iwisi

Director: Investigations & Forensic Accounting, Control Risks

Joyce is a Director in charge of the Investigation and forensic accounting practice in Johannesburg with a remit for the Sub Saharan African region. She has more than a decade of combined experience in forensic investigations, auditing, and strategy management.

Prior to joining Control Risks, Joyce worked for two of the Big 4 audit firms in East and South Africa and headed the Forensics division of one of South Africa’s oldest law firms. Joyce specialises in forensic investigations and strategy advisory. She has experience servicing clients across Africa, Europe and Asia. Joyce was recognised as one of the Top 50 Women in Management in 2019. Read more.

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