EP 048 | Thriving in a time of uncertainty

‘There is a difference between taking risks and gambling.’

The world is moving so fast, that it is not the time to be cautious – We need to create a culture of encouraging courage.  We speak with Catherine Wijnberg, CEO of Fetola Business Growth Professionals, where we unpack the risks you need to manage as a small business, the skills entrepreneurs of the future require, and she shares her tips for thriving in these uncertain times.  In times of rapid change, small businesses have the opportunity to thrive, as they are more agile – that is why they have the unique opportunity to craft businesses that fully engage with their purpose.

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meet our guest

Catherine Wijnberg

CEO, Fetola Business Growth Professionals

Cape Town-based Catherine Wijnberg is a successful entrepreneur with experience in starting, growing and operating businesses in five different sectors across three countries. She was born in Ndola, Zambia to an entrepreneurial father. The fourth of five children she travelled from an early age to UK for boarding school and studied agriculture in Scotland and Australia. Catherine started her working life as an agricultural economist at the Zambia Farmers Union. Her first entrepreneurial venture was a leap of faith into the new forex auction system in Zambia and an import business serving the local farming network. Read More

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“It’s simple really, we grow the economy and create jobs, by building businesses that last.” Catherine Wijnberg Fetola CEO.

A thriving small business sector is a national imperative. For the economy, for business and for our national wellbeing. We have to get it right, and by working together we believe we can. Fetola understands the bigger picture. We walk alongside our clients to create lasting positive impact – for people, business and the environment.

What sets us apart is a deep understanding of business and the entrepreneurial journey, born of years of starting, growing and running businesses in multiple sectors. This allows us to develop solutions that create real and sustainable results for the businesses with whom we work.

The long-term survival rate (tracked over ten years) of our programme participants is 87.4%, almost five times the national average. We recognise the challenges many of our clients face.

Our solutions go beyond the BB-BEE Scorecard to provide a full suite of tailored Enterprise and Supplier Development services for corporate and mid-size businesses. Many hundreds of small businesses have benefited from our proven capacity building solutions – putting them on a path to lasting success.

If you want to scale your impact and wish to partner with an experienced team that share your values and believe in your future, we would love to hear from you.

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