EP 046 | Pioneering Risk Management

As one of the pioneers of modern risk management, we discuss the development of the cell captive concept, the writing of the iconic risk management handbook and the founding of Guardrisk. We unpack continually developing concepts such as Insurance as a capital provider, probability of loss and the scientific approach to risk and insurance. In addition, we will discuss the current risk and insurance landscape and trends during Covid-19 and the future of insurance post lockdown.

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meet our guest

Dr Anthony Valsamakis

Risk Management Consultant and CEO, Eikos Risk Capital

Dr Anthony Valsamakis (Tony) is an internationally recognised risk management professional with a career spanning some 35 years. During this time, he developed a broad range of experience in various elements of risk and its management. He has published in various risk and investment journals. His text “An Integrated Approach to Risk Management” has been published in the UK, and he is also an author of “Risk Management” which is about to be published in its 5th edition. Given his academic experience, he is regularly invited as a speaker on the subject at international conferences. Read More

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Eikos Risk Capital

Eikos Risk Capital Limited (London) is a specialist risk consultancy, formed in 1999, with particular expertise in dealing with corporate risk, both at a strategic and operational level for a diverse global client base.

The Norfolk Reinsurance Company Ltd was incorporated in March 1999, under a private Act of the Bermudan Parliament to operate as a licensed insurer, offering bespoke coverage to clients through separate segregated cells within a primary corporate insurer structure. 

Eikos Risk Capital Limited is a London-based risk and insurance consultancy, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Eikos is in the business of risk and brings bespoke and analytical solutions to its diverse client base which includes insurance buyers, insurers, reinsurers, and brokers. The Eikos solution transforms the way risk is understood, to achieve optimum balance in the risk/reward trade-off with the view to reducing the cost of risk for our clients.  Risk financing mechanisms provided by Norfolk and Eikos are structured to maximise the clients’ ability to finance and manage their corporate risk with greater efficiency.


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