EP 044 | The impact of covid-19 through a european lens

The response to Covid-19 and the impact on the risk and insurance industry has been unique in each country globally – We speak with Carl Leeman who shares his insight on the changing role of the risk manager and highlights the effects of Covid-19 on the European market , with focus on trends and developments in the insurance sector. While focus has shifted due to the pandemic, it is essential that organisations don’t lose sight of existing cyber, environmental, political risks etc. while at the same time ensuring to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of their people.

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meet our guest

Carl Leeman

Chief Risk Officer, Katoen Natie

Carl Leeman is Chief Risk Officer of Katoen Natie.
Katoen Natie is operating on a worldwide level as a logistic and engineering supplier to the automotive, petrochemical, consumer goods, retail and food industry in 28 countries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa. They have also extended stevedoring operations and are active in the conservation and storage of Art. Worldwide Katoen Natie employs some 14.000 people and is privately owned. Read More

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