EP 043 | hacking uncertainty

What if we used uncertainty as an input to how we operate as a business? We discuss how to integrate uncertainty into business processes, the skills required for the future and the importance of disrupting ourselves. As risk professionals we have a new role to play in understanding uncertainty, changing mindsets, recognising our constraints and opportunities and making our organisations more resilient. As a risk professional, what is the value you are bringing?

‘We cannot bring linear solutions to non-linear problems – We need to disrupt ourselves and our way of thinking.’- Simon van Wyk 

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meet our guest

Simon van Wyk

Partner: Risk & Safety Leader Africa, ERMr

Simon is a Partner and the Risk & Safety Lead, Africa at ERM. He is passionate about creative ideas that generate value, enabling people to be the best version of themselves and relishes disruptive innovation. His core strengths include philosophy, futures thinking and strategy which enables thought leadership, high levels of engagement and positive energy to build a sustainable future. Simon is currently authoring a book titled Perspectives of Risk which is due to be published in next year. This book is aimed at enabling people to hack uncertainty, upgrade their thinking around risk management and assure they remain relevant in a world of exponential disruption. He believes we should not only connect the dots; we should create the dots.

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