EP 042 | what does the future require?

How do you prepare for a world where we cannot see what’s coming? We explore how to build success in the era of the forced Entrepreneur and at a time where old structures are imploding. We discuss how to move away from the scarcity mindset of the industrial revolution to a digital abundant mindset, how the biggest risk to humanity is not achieving purpose and how to adapt our perspective to generate opportunities. This episode is not to be missed!

‘The world doesn’t require us to be accomplished, it requires us to achieve purpose’ – John Sanei 

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meet our guest

John Sanei

Futures Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Author

John Sanei (Sah-nay) is a Knowledge Mercenary who travels the globe to uncover the lessons needed to uplift communities and help humanity thrive.His unlimited fascination with the future has seen him become Africa’s first faculty member at Singularity University in San Francisco, a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education in Johannesburg, and a Partner Associate at the Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies in Denmark.Author of best-sellers What’s Your Moonshot?,Magnetiize and FOREsight, John is also the Co-founder and Chief  Exponential Officer at Future Self Academy, an author-led, online platform that connectors the curious to leadinng thinkers.Despite this success, John still freely shares his passion and excitement through his signature videos – find him online and start upgrading your perspective.

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