EP 038 | Covid-19 – Changing our Operational Risk Landscape

changing our operational risk landscape

Covid-19 is the first of many challenges we are going to be faced with – Preparing for all uncertainties, benchmarking, learning from our Global peers and the sharing of information and data is now more important than ever to assist in effective decision making. We look at the challenges and opportunities that have emerged amidst the pandemic, the adoption of technology in managing operational risk and the evolution of risk management as a strategic enabler.

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meet our guest

Chris Brits

Chris Brits

Managing Partner, Riskonet

Chris Brits is the Managing Partner at Riskonet Africa based in Johannesburg. Riskonet services private and public sector clients, intermediaries, insurers and reinsurers across the African continent including the Indian Ocean Islands. Chris leads a team of specialists who consult across a broad spectrum of risk management disciplines. He started his career in 1990 at Commercial Union Insurance Company as an insurance underwriter and progressed to a risk surveyor before he left in 1995 to join Price Forbes as a Risk Analyst.
By 2011, Chris progressed to leading the Risk Management Consulting business at Alexander Forbes which included Enterprise Risk, Operational Risk, Environmental, Infra-Red Thermography, COID-Link, Mining, Heavy and Light Industry, Fire Engineering and the Risk Training divisions. In 2018, he established the Riskonet Africa business which is the official African office for the International Riskonet consulting group.

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