EP 036 | The Value of Risk Maturity

The Value Of Risk Maturity

How do you implement risk management and develop competencies?  We look at the innovative Attribute Based Maturity Index developed by ABMI Research Institute and how understanding the risk maturity of your organisation can add value and drive action.  It is not only about knowing your organisations maturity but understanding what needs to be improved and implementing and integrating the necessary processes into business to create value. Maturity must define the programmes you implement and the timing of those implementations.

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Terence Murasiki is the author of the Attribute-Based Maturity Index for risk implementation and competency development. He is a strategy, technology, risk management and audit professional whose consulting and corporate experience spans a 26-year period. He has previously served on the Boards and Audit Committees of Medicover Medical Scheme and Liberty Medical Scheme and also served as Chairperson of the Risk Committee of the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport as well as g-Fleet (fleet management). He is a Black Umbrellas business mentor and within the risk profession contributes to the work of the South African Interest Group for the IRM (UK). He also works with IRMSA as a training facilitator.

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Abmi research institute

ABMI Research Institute is a specialised risk advisory company that researches and invests in unique intellectual property and technology in risk management. Home of the attribute-based maturity index, ABMI researches, develops and automates risk implementation & competency development models in enterprise risk management, ethics risk, compliance risk, third-party risk, COVID-19 risk vulnerability and e-Health risk management.

Maturity models have been widely applied in various professions and disciplines as tools to drive effectiveness and efficiency in business. There are maturity checklists and then there are comprehensive risk maturity models – the two are different. Beyond going through the motions of a tick-box exercise, the attribute-based maturity index is arguably one of the more comprehensively researched, formalised and detailed risk maturity models globally. It does more than merely determine risk maturity by providing rapid assessment, sector benchmarking, audit capability (2021) and automated risk improvement planning over a multi-year period.

The attribute-based maturity index is our heritage and investment as a continent in global risk excellence. 

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