EP 035 | Is Enterprise Risk Management still relevant?

Is Enterprise Risk Management still relevant

Risk managers don’t own risk……they own the risk process – We discuss if ERM is still relevant, the connection between risk and success or failure and how to translate the value proposition of ERM by building credibility as a functional risk leader. The biggest challenge is not only getting ahead of black swans but contributing to building resilience and crafting a risk programme that is relevant to the organisation and not taking an ‘off the shelf’ approach.

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meet our guest

Christopher Mandel

Christopher Mandel, RIMS-CRMP

RIMS-CRMP – Senior Risk Management Thought Leader

Christopher E. Mandel is SVP, Strategic Solutions for Sedgwick, Inc. and the Director of the Sedgwick Institute. He also is founder, President and Managing Consultant of Excellence in Risk Management, LLC and is an Adjunct Professor at Florida State and George Mason Universities (GMU) and is on the CRO Executive Development Program Advisory Council at GMU. Mr. Mandel has more than 30 years leadership positions and accomplishments in large corporate global risk management. Read more

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