EP 034 | The REAL future of Insurance and Insurtech

The real future of insurance and insuretech

The rate of change has accelerated over the past few months and the Insurance industry, like many other industries, will never look the same again. We look at the future of Insurance and Insurtech, developing trends, the Global landscape, as well as risks and opportunities that will emerge as a result. We discuss electrification, attention hacking, collaboration, changing stakeholder expectations and we unpack the value in leveraging existing ecosystems and new platforms.

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meet our guest

Dr Robin Kieara

Dr Robin Kiera

Insurance and Insurtech Expert, Digitalscouting.de

Dr. Robin Kiera, expert and influencer with over 80.000+ Follower on Social Media. Some say the “Rebel of the insurance industry”. After a career as insurance agent and in headquarters or insurer, banks and start-ups, Dr. Kiera founded Digitalscouting as a content platform – now one of the leading consulting firms in Europe’s insurance industry – specialized in modernizing insurers, challenging strategies and scaling sales organizations. Dr. Kiera can also be booked as (virtual) keynote speaker for boardroom meetings or company events.

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