EP 033 | Risk Management – Where does the value really lie?

Risk management-where does the value really lie

Enterprise Risk Management should complement, not displace business – We look at the skills that risk facilitators need to possess and the value that building relationships and speaking businesses language can add in garnering buy-in. We unpack how businesses, regardless of scope or size can manage their risks and build resilience and look at the art versus the science of risk management.

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meet our guest

Dr Le Roux

Dr Hermie le Roux

Senior & Executive level SME - Enterprise Risk Management, Simplified Risk Solutions

Dr le Roux is passionate about the art of risk management and the science of the risk management process. The dialogue that encourages all stakeholders to identify the real risks that they are exposed to, to put their heads together to craft practical plans to manage or avoid these risks which will ensure sustainability and survival for all involved. Read more

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