EP 032 | Surviving Covid-19 as an Entrepreneur

Surving covid-19 as an entrepreneur

Covid-19 has impacted business across the board and entrepreneurs now more than ever need to be agile and will be required to re-evaluate their business models in order to survive. We look at distribution in supply chain, how traditional logistics models will need to be re-structured, cost versus reward and the impact of volatile exchange rates.  Businesses will not only have to look at their own structures and business models, but that of their clients and suppliers in order to evaluate sustainability.

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meet our guest

Conrad Burger

Conrad Burger

Managing Director, Burg International

Conrad Burger is the managing director of BURG International, Burg International (Pty) Ltd is a South African based Holding Company that has taken a strategic approach to new business development in Southern Africa. Southern Africa has been carefully studied and researched as an emerging market; with that confident belief, Burg International has established various business entities including LifeAID Beverage South Africa, SevenFriday and X Furniture.  For more information please look at their website www.burgint.co.za

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