EP 031 | Collaboration in Risk Management

Collaboration in Risk Management

Can risk management be a strategic enabler? We discuss how collaboration in risk management enables organisations to be more agile in responding to a crisis and a continuously changing landscape.  We explore effective ways organisations could respond to a crisis, emerging trends, the importance of improving risk and resilience capabilities and the advantages of integrating disciplines. Navigating through uncertain times will always have its challenges, but having a methodology and process in place that will allow you to activate a whole ecosystem at a time of crisis for a co-ordinated response, will ultimately ensure resilience.

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meet our guest

lisa da cameron da vries

Lisa Cameron de Vries

Technical Director, Phoenix Resilience

Lisa Cameron de Vries has an MSc in Industrial Engineering and nearly two decades of relevant experience in the design, implementation and verification of resilience programs (business continuity, risk, physical and information security, QHSE and emergency management) for organisations based in Europe, Middle East, East Asia and Australia. These organisations were spread across a large variety of industries. Nine years ago, Lisa moved to Australia where she co-founded Phoenix Resilience. Phoenix Resilience has quickly grown to be the go-to partner for resilience services across the sectors Government, finance, health, education, utilities, agriculture, non-for-profit, aged care and information technology. Since the start of this year Lisa has been assisting Government agencies and commercial organisations with their COVID-19 preparedness, response and recovery. Lisa is a regular guest speaker at national and international conferences and technical meetings

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The key to resilience is awareness and the ability to anticipate the consequences of events. This will allow you to effectively plan and prepare for minimisation of adverse impacts and seize your opportunities.

Phoenix Resilience will be your pillar of strength. We build your success through a close partnership based upon trust and proven performance. Our expertise, knowledge network and innovative concepts provide high-quality, low-cost resilience solutions to an organisation of any size.

We pride ourselves on designing tools and methodologies that are user-friendly, simple, yet highly effective. We speak regularly at conferences and industry events about our research into effective risk/business continuity/emergency management and contribute content to technical magazines and publications.

The consultants at Phoenix Resilience are considered an authority on the subject of emergency risk management and we deliver courses in emergency risk management, business continuity and the Australian Inter-Service Incident Management System (AIIMS) for Government Agencies, commercial organisations and NGO’s. To develop and test your resilience capabilities we facilitate industry best practice exercises.

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