EP 026 | The Future of Risk Management

Do we really understand how our world will change post Covid-19 and are we ready to capitalise on the opportunities born from this pandemic?  In this episode we explore how risk management is moving into the frontlines and becoming a strategic enabler for business and how the discipline of risk management is evolving.  We look at the future of technology in the management of risk, how risk needs to become a partner in business and ways that business can evolve from being reactive in a crisis to being proactive.

meet our guest

Kevin Smout

Global Lead: Governance Risk and Assurance, KPMG Australia

Kevin has been with KPMG for over 25 years with a period of 3 years in commerce as CFO for a large infrastructure Company that ran a primary and secondary market in bonds to fund its own large-scale infrastructure projects. Over his career Kevin has worked with C-Level management and Boards providing Governance, Assurance (external and internal) and Risk services across global, national and local clients. In his own right Kevin has held a range of NFP governance, director, board or trustee roles across Education, Health and Financial services organisations.

His current focus is in helping clients distil the emerging risks and trends and link these to their strategic risks and then using technology disaggregate this level of corporate risk and link it to operational risk reporting – the result being better business outcomes and more resilient business.

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