EP 025 | The Rise of Operational Resilience

Operational Risilience Episode

‘92% of risk managers predict a greater focus on operational resilience.’

Operational resilience is the process that helps organisations adapt quickly to a constantly changing environment – Now more than ever we are seeing the importance of being able to effectively respond to these changes and the impact it can have on business when unable to do so. We unpack how operational resilience is key to the fourth industrial revolution, the benefits and value for board members and senior management and how this can impact and contribute to an organisation’s overall strategy. How resilient is your organisation?

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meet our guest

Melissa Bosse

Melissa Bosse

Independent Risk and Resilience Consultant

Melissa Bosse is an independent Risk and Resilience Consultant and is based in Stellenbosch. Melissa has a degree in Finance and over 15 years experience in the Financial Services industry where she has held roles with industry leading institutions such as Investec Bank. As a former Technology Risk and Operational Resilience Consultant for KPMG UK, Melissa is passionate about helping her clients improve and strengthen their resilience capabilities. 

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