EP 024 | Bribery and Corruption Risk Management

Bribery & Corruption Risk management

Do we really know how bribery and corruption materialises in our organisations? We unpack everything you need to know about managing and preventing bribery and corruption within your business. We look at implementing the necessary standards and policies, the role of effective reporting, communication and awareness in reducing these activities and if there is a space for rehabilitating corrupt individuals and organisations.

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meet our guest

Johan Photo

Johan du plooy

Corporate Compliance and Resilience Advisor, Roarr Advisory

Johan is a highly experienced security risk management professional with global experience and has wide and varied experience in solving complex security risk management issues.  Johan holds a master’s degree from the University of South Africa. He holds a number of internationally recognized certifications in his field of expertise. Johan has served as the President of the Security Association of South Africa, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the South African Institute of Security and the Chairman of the South African Security Federation.  He has served as the ASIS International, Senior Regional Vice-President for Southern Africa and has been an active participating member for the past 35 years.

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