EP 023 | Risk Engineering – Protecting Your Business

Risk Engineering episode

Are you worried about unseen risks that could drastically impact your business? Risk engineering can help assess these risks and protect your business from disruption. We look at the value of risk engineering and how it can build resilience, reduce your exposure to risk and keep your business operations intact. Risk engineering makes it easier for you to obtain the right levels of insurance and avoid the higher premiums typical of a risk profile consisting of unknown or unquantified risks.

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meet our guest

Jon Woodman Photo

Jon Woodman

Managing Director, Paragon Risk Engineering

Jon has worked for Paragon Risk Engineering for 12 years and is one of the two co-founders and owners. Paragon has 150 engineers worldwide, across EMEA, the Americas and Asia, providing operational property and construction engineering services to the insurance community and industry. 

Prior to working for Paragon, Jon worked for the UK insurer RSA for 24 years in Spain, the US and UK, where he ran the London based multinational business Risk Solutions. Jon has been involved with risk management since the mid 90s, has a degree in Management and an MBA from the Open University, UK.

Jon speaks Spanish fluently as well as his native English and lives near London, UK.

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