EP 022 | Predictive People Risk – What to know

Predictive people risk episode

There is a big risk in people, as people are inherent to everything in your business. We look at how the majority of risks, in some way have a human element and how organisations need to tap into the strengths and develop weaknesses of their staff, to ensure that their employees and structures are able to support their strategic objectives. Being proactive, having a holistic approach and viewing people as the most important asset in business, will give organisations a competitive edge. 

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meet our guest

Azaria Chansenski photo

Azaria Chasenski

Manager, Requisite Business Services (RBS)

Azaria Chasenski has more than 13 years consulting experience across different industries locally as well as internationally. She has assisted clients in identifying and implementing best practices and designing custom business focused solutions to ensure optimized delivery across the business value chain. These solutions range from development and execution of people risk mapping, organizational design and development, including amongst others, process mapping, structure design, role profile development, job evaluation, occupational assessments, policy and procedure development, performance management and talent management. Azaria has also designed and executed solutions focusing on audits and reviews, remuneration practices, operational readiness, including labor modelling and efficiencies, as well as compliance. Azaria is a registered industrial psychologist with the Health Professional Counsel of South Africa and currently works for RBS as a Manager and Principal Consultant.

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Contributing to the performance of a business through the management of people risk and readiness in a FRESH, SMART, PERSONAL & TRUSTED manner.

RBS is a niched people risk and readiness consulting company with over a 20-year history of delivering services within various sectors, ranging from large capital intensive mining projects in Africa to public and private institutions of different sizes both locally, as well as internationally. Our services focus primarily on mitigating client risk, preparing readiness while contributing to their return on investment. This is done through the provision of comprehensive people value engineering and process outsourced services. The company aims to provide a holistic one stop integrated service approach through all phases of the organisation’s life cycle.

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