EP 021 | Risk Management – What You Don’t See

Risk Management episode

Sex, lies and video tapes – In the hospitality industry, Risk Management is not all spreadsheets and compliance exercises. We hear about some of the crazy behind the scenes risk management stories that involve wild animals, threats, illegal activities and dead bodies. What have you seen in your risk management career that you never thought would make its way onto a risk register?

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meet our guest

Diane Photo

Diane Naicker

Specialist: Risk and Insurance at GRIPP Advisory

Diane joined the Risk department of Tsogo Sun in 2006, ending her stint as Risk Officer at Tsogo Sun in March 2020. Previously an educator with the KZN Department of Education, Diane enjoys the dynamic world of Risk and Insurance and is a Certified Risk Manager Practitioner (CRM Prac) after successfully completing her board examinations via IRMSA. She has also completed various Risk and Insurance courses at UNISA Business School and has a Higher Education Diploma. Diane’s specializes in insurance systems, claims and reporting.

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