EP 018 | RSK Conversations – Discussing Clem Sunter’s Post Covid-19 Scenarios

Clem Sunter's post covid-19 scenarios

‘Adaption is the key to survival’ – Clem Sunter.

Our podcast hosts discuss the scenarios that Clem Sunter, the world-renowned scenario planner from mindofafox has developed. He looks at four coronavirus scenarios for the world at large over the foreseeable future, namely “Much Ado About Nothing”, “The Camel’s Straw”, “Spain Again” and ‘Tightrope’.

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meet our hosts

Junita Rskreview host

Junita van der Colff

Managing Director, Protean Business Solutions

Junita van der Colff is Owner and Managing Director of Protean Business Solutions. Through her expertise in Strategic Planning, Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), she has been a catalyst for change in organisations globally and across multiple sectors and industries. Read more

Gert Cruywagen Host

Gert cruywagen


Gert Cruywagen is the Chief Operating Officer: Risk and Insurance of GRIPP Advisory and continues to act as the “Director of Risk” of the Tsogo Sun Companies, Africa’s largest owners and operators of hotels and casinos. He is an executive director of Tsogosure Insurance Company Limited based in the Isle of Man. Read more

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