EP 016 | The Current and Future Security of Schools

The current and future security of schools

Are schools prepared for the risks that they face every day? Are schools educating students, staff and parents on how to manage and identify these risks? We discuss the difference between school security in South African schools versus schools in the United Kingdom, as well as the varying approaches in the public and private sectors. We look at the current threats schools are facing, practical measures they can take to respond to risks and how all stakeholders can contribute to the overall safety of schools.

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meet our guests

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Alexander Irvine-Fortescue

Head of Risk Advisory at DS-48

Alexander Irvine-Fortescue is the Head of Risk Advisory at DS-48, a London based security and risk management company. He has significant experience delivering bespoke crisis response, risk management and security services to a range of international clients, including schools, businesses and private clients, prior to which he ran field-based humanitarian operations for The HALO Trust clearing the explosive remnants of war in the Caucuses, Southeast Asia and West Africa.

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Johan du Plooy

Senior Managing Partner of Roarr-Advisory (Pty) Ltd

Johan is a highly experienced security risk management professional with global experience and has wide and varied experience in solving complex security risk management issues.  Johan holds a master’s degree from the University of South Africa. He holds a number of internationally recognized certifications in his field of expertise. Johan has served as the President of the Security Association of South Africa, Chairman of the Board of Governors of the South African Institute of Security and the Chairman of the South African Security Federation.  He has served as the ASIS International, Senior Regional Vice-President for Southern Africa and has been an active participating member for the past 35 years.

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In this dynamic and rapidly changing world, DS-48 supports schools, private clients and corporates with tailor-made risk and security advice, investigations and complex problem solving solutions. Our exceptional team of analysts and consultants, led by highly experienced former British military, security and intelligence professionals, manage our clients’ exposure to risk with bespoke solutions. With a history of successfully managing and delivering services internationally, we are committed to helping our clients achieve peace of mind.

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