EP 015 | Let’s Talk Business Continuity – Part 1

Business Continuity episode

Business Continuity is not about preventing things from going wrong, but rather about minimising the impact, should they go wrong. We look at the misconceptions around business continuity management and the importance of instilling and embedding a BCM culture within your organisation. We explore the value adding benefits of integrating BCM into an organisations thinking and strategy and how it can be seen as an opportunity when responding to uncertainty.

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meet our hosts

Junita Rskreview host

Junita van der Colff

Managing Director, Protean Business Solutions

Junita van der Colff is Owner and Managing Director of Protean Business Solutions. Through her expertise in Strategic Planning, Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), she has been a catalyst for change in organisations globally and across multiple sectors and industries. Read more

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