EP 014 | The importance of Strategy

The importance of strategy episode

Do organisations need to re-visit their strategy post COVID-19? Will human habits change to an extent that the understanding of client behaviour will be impacted?  We discuss scenario planning as a strategy setting tool, how resilience is an imperative in growth as well as strategy, and how risk management needs to be integrated into strategy setting.

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meet our guest

Innocente burger

Innocente Burger

Director: Perform Forward

Through her business, PerformForward, Innocente assists businesses in unlocking potential and performance capacity in employees using a results-based forward-focused approach. Irrespective of whether teams work fixed-or flexi-hours, or if they are co-located, working remotely, or are a hybrid-working team it is important to ensure performance both in the traditional sense of productivity but also through creativity and an ability to innovate.  Read more

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