EP 013 | Strength Finding in your Organisation

Strength finding in your organisation episode

With all the current disruptions, the most successful companies know that the secret to performance lies in understanding and utilising the strengths and contributions of each individual in a team.  We explore how to foster a highly engaged workforce, how to develop individual strengths and how this process will improve organisational culture and performance.

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meet our guest

Innocente burger

Innocente Burger

Director: Perform Forward

Through her business, PerformForward, Innocente assists businesses in unlocking potential and performance capacity in employees using a results-based forward-focused approach. Irrespective of whether teams work fixed-or flexi-hours, or if they are co-located, working remotely, or are a hybrid-working team it is important to ensure performance both in the traditional sense of productivity but also through creativity and an ability to innovate.  Read more

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