Dr Le Roux

Dr Hermie le Roux

Senior & Executive level SME - Enterprise Risk Management, Simplified Risk Solutions

Dr le Roux is passionate about the art of risk management and the science of the risk management process. The dialogue that encourages all stakeholders to identify the real risks that they are exposed to, to put their heads together to craft practical plans to manage or avoid these risks which will ensure sustainability and survival for all involved.

It is exhilarating and a privilege to experience these a-ha moments with my clients, moments where the hard truth is spoken and dealt with, transparency and honest communication where people are brave and single-mindedly in search of the truth.

Dr le Roux also aims to train risk practitioners and risk professionals to be better!

* Better communicators

* Better facilitators

* Better coordinators

* Better relationship builders

* Better problem solvers

* Better listeners

To be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

It short, I equip front line risk managers with the tools and techniques to develop a risk management programme that will work for people in the organisations and that will help them with risk based decision making.