Dr Anthony Valsamakis

Risk Management Consultant and CEO, Eikos Risk Capital

Dr Anthony Valsamakis (Tony) is an internationally recognised risk management professional with a career spanning some 35 years. During this time, he developed a broad range of experience in various elements of risk and its management. He has published in various risk and investment journals. His text “An Integrated Approach to Risk Management” has been published in the UK, and he is also an author of “Risk Management” which is about to be published in its 5th edition. Given his academic experience, he is regularly invited as a speaker on the subject at international conferences. During the mid-1980’s Tony and his management were responsible for conceptualising and establishing specialist risk retention company structures, pioneering cell-captive facilities at that time. He has served on the boards of various special purpose insurers and is presently President of Norfolk Reinsurance Company Limited in Bermuda. Tony also serves as a Non-Executive Board member on various companies giving input on enterprise risk and its management. Tony was founder and is the CEO of Eikos Risk Capital Limited, a risk and insurance management consultancy – with offices in the UK, and Bermuda. The company is focused on delivering innovative solutions and modelling risk problems for its diverse corporate clients – its client base spans organisations in UK, Europe, Asia, Canada and South Africa.