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Chantell Ilbury

Scenario Strategist and Facilitator: Mindofafox

Chantell Ilbury is an independent scenario strategist, facilitator, speaker and bestselling
business author. She specialises in the use of scenarios to guide the strategic
conversations of executive teams across diverse sectors. Her work has taken her as
far afield as the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Ukraine,
Australia, Jamaica, Kuwait, Singapore, India, Mauritius, Réunion, as well as right
throughout Africa.

Chantell holds a BSc in Chemistry, a post-graduate Higher Diploma in Education, an Executive MBA from the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, and has studied Strategic Negotiation through Harvard Business School in Boston. It was at UCT where she first met Anglo America’s Clem Sunter and shared her ideas on scenario planning that lead to the writing of their best-selling books The Mind of a Fox, Games Foxes Play and Socrates and the Fox. The three books were later published together as The Fox Trilogy in 2011.

Her latest book – A Fox’s Tale: Insights from one of Africa’s most creative strategic thinkers – is published by Penguin, and is out now in paperback and e-book.
Chantell is also a guest lecturer on strategy and scenario planning at a number of top business schools.