EP 051 | New Ways to Risk

‘Make it your business to understand business’ – The risk role of the future is evolving to an advisory function, therefore how do we cultivate risk managers of the future, break down silos and navigate across ecosystems?

EP 050 | Let’s Talk ICT

‘It’s never too big to fail’ – The Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) landscape is developing at a rapid pace and leadership need to understand their responsibility in knowing what questions to ask…

EP 048 | Thriving in a time of uncertainty

The world is moving so fast, that it is not the time to be cautious – We need to create a culture of encouraging courage. We speak with Catherine Wijnberg, CEO of Fetola Business Growth Professionals, where we unpack the risks you need to manage as a small business, the skills entrepreneurs of the future require, and she shares her tips for thriving in these uncertain times. In times of rapid change, small businesses have the opportunity to thrive, as they are more agile – that is why they have the unique opportunity to craft businesses that fully engage with their purpose.

EP 046 | Pioneering Risk Management

As one of the pioneers of modern risk management, we discuss the development of the cell captive concept, the writing of the iconic risk management handbook and the founding of Guardrisk. We unpack continually developing concepts such as Insurance as a capital provider, probability of loss and the scientific approach to risk and insurance. In addition, we will discuss the current risk and insurance landscape and trends during Covid-19 and the future of insurance post lockdown.

EP 045 | Risk Management through a USA lens

With a constantly changing operating environment and the Global impact of Covid-19, we speak with Lance Ewing about the evolving role of the risk manager and current trends and developments in the risk and insurance sector with focus on the United States. We discuss developing trends around natural disasters and technology, becoming a risk partner to business, risk needing to lead insurance and how while in the pursuit of opportunities you still need to manage your risks.

EP 044 | The impact of covid-19 through a european lens

The response to Covid-19 and the impact on the risk and insurance industry has been unique in each country globally – We speak with Carl Leeman who shares his insight on the changing role of the risk manager and highlights the effects of Covid-19 on the European market , with focus on trends and developments in the insurance sector. While focus has shifted due to the pandemic, it is essential that organisations don’t lose sight of existing cyber, environmental, political risks etc. while at the same time ensuring to prioritise the safety and wellbeing of their people

EP 043 | hacking uncertainty

What if we used uncertainty as an input to how we operate as a business? We discuss how to integrate uncertainty into business processes, the skills required for the future and the importance of disrupting ourselves. As risk professionals we have a new role to play in understanding uncertainty, changing mindsets, recognising our constraints and opportunities and making our organisations more resilient. As a risk professional, what is the value you are bringing?

‘We cannot bring linear solutions to non-linear problems – We need to disrupt ourselves and our way of thinking.’- Simon van Wyk